Board Members


  • Andrew DaSilva | Co-President
  • Jordan Kabbani | Co-President
  • John Keig | VP, Corporate Relations
  • Matthew Sellman | VP, Admissions
  • Letizia Tsui | VP, Events
  • Daniel Jahn | VP, Finance 
  • Stefan Kapelac | VP, Marketing
  • David Baldwin | VP, Social
  • Sean Pavlik | VP, Alumni
  • Francesco Esposito | VP, Campus Relations
  • Chandra Sahu | BBA President
  • Ashley Lee|BBA VP, Corporate Relations
  • Monali Desai | BBA, Community Outreach

Selected Board Profiles

Get to know our members. If you’d like to speak with any specific person, please reach out directly! Or contact us

Sean Pavlik, MBA/MS ’18

Hometown: Nashville, TN, USA

Undergraduate University, Major: Northwestern University, Environmental Sciences & International Studies

Previous Industry/Function: I spent three years in Washington, DC, with a nonprofit working with the U.S. Congress on international business, energy, trade, and security issues, focusing on Japan, Germany, Turkey, and the EU. Before my time in Washington, I taught English in Japan for two years through the Japanese government’s Japan Exchange and Teaching (JET) Program.

Desired Industry/Function: My time at Ross has focused on business strategy, with emphasis on sustainability and energy.

Other Interests/activities: I have been on the boards of the Energy Club and Erb Institute Student Advisory Board for two years and am a dual degree with the School of Natural Resources through the Erb Institute.


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John Keig, MBA ’18

Hometown: Quad Cities, IA/IL, USA

Undergraduate University, Major: Georgetown University, History

Previous Industry/Function: I worked for 9 years as a political consulting, focusing on campaign management and strategy. I worked primarily with first-time candidates to hone messaging and grow campaigns to be competitive against established incumbents.

Desired Industry/Function: I intend on pursuing strategy consulting when I leave Ross because I want to get the opportunity to enhance my experiences before Ross and classroom learning at Ross to get experience in multiple industries and functions to later specialize.

Other Interests/activities: I am a Project Team Leader for the Community Consulting Club, working with a non-profit client in Detroit on pricing strategy for its facilities rentals, and a Member of the Wine Club, Gourmet Club, and Consulting Club


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Stefan Kapelac, MBA ’18

Hometown: Portland, Oregon, USA

Undergraduate University, Major: Chapman University, Economics

Previous Industry/Function: I was previously in the healthcare space doing strategic planning and analytics, and have experience in the retail and non-profit space.

Desired Industry/Function: I interned at Amazon as part of their Retail Leadership Development Program.

Other Interests/activities: Peer Coach and FACT Group leader. Member of the Zell Lurie Commercialization Fund, Diversity Equity and Inclusion Committee, Michigan Business Women Allies, and Consulting and Tech clubs.


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David Baldwin, MBA ’18

Hometown: Battle Creek, MI, USA

Undergraduate University, Major: Michigan State University, Hospitality Business and Construction Management

Previous Industry/Function: Real Estate

Desired Industry/Function: Human Resources

Other Interests/activities: Section Ethics and Values Chair


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Jordan Kabbani, MBA ’18

Hometown: Scottsdale, Arizona, USA

Undergraduate University, Major: Tulane University, Economics & Political Science

Previous Industry/Function: I spent 4 years working for a boutique consulting firm focused on real estate development and financing

Desired Industry/Function: Pursuing investment banking

Other Interests/activities: Part of the Data Insights & Analytics Club (DIAG)


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Drew DaSilva, MBA ’18

Hometown: Pittsburgh, PA, USA

Undergraduate University, Major: St. John’s University, Sports Management

Previous Industry/Function: I spent 5 1/2 years in Federal and State/Local government consulting. My primary focus was technology, leading a large scale health benefit system implementation, but also did some human capital work.

Desired Industry/Function: My time at Ross has been focused on CPG and retail marketing. I hope to obtain an internship and pursue a full-time career in marketing after graduation.

Other Interests/activities: I also serve as a Ross Student Ambassador.


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Letizia Tsui, MBA ’18

Hometown: San Jose, CA by way of Los Angeles, USA

Undergraduate University, Major: UCLA, English

Previous Industry/Function: I spent 7 years in retail banking, 2 of those in an LDP and the rest managing a bank branch

Desired Industry/Function: I am a career switcher, and I plan to work in marketing as a brand manager or product manager.

Other Interests/activities: I’m a proud ally working to support the Ross LGBT community! Also a member of the Asian American Business Association, Follies, and Michigan Marketing Club.


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Francesco Esposito, MBA ’18

Hometown: Sorrento, Italy

Undergraduate University, Major: Universita’ degli Studi di Siena, Economics

Previous Industry/Function: Before coming to Ross, I spent 11 years working as a business analyst for a major shipping company, focusing on forecast and analysis of macroeconomic scenarios, developing price sensitivity models and determining asset deployment. I also have the CFA designation, passing the CFA level III in 2014.

Desired Industry/Function: I am looking to apply my background in Economics and Finance to the functions of Corporate Finance and General Management

Other Interests/activities: I am the Ethics chair of my section and the Director of External Relations for OFB


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Daniel Jahn, MBA ’18

Hometown: Chicago, IL, USA

Undergraduate University, Major: Calvin College, Public Accounting & Economics

Previous Industry/Function: Prior to Ross, I was at Deloitte in Detroit for 6 years in their external audit practice focusing on the automotive and technology sectors. I interned at American Airlines in financial planning in Dallas, TX, between my first and second year at Ross.

Desired Industry/Function: I am specializing in corporate finance targeting capital-intensive industries such as automotive, manufacturing and airlines in the mid-west region.

Other Interests/activities: I love to travel, hike and go off-roading. At Ross, I am the MBA President of the Habitat for Humanity Club and have been on several international builds over the past couple years, in addition to the builds the club does each fall.


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Ashley Lee, BBA ’18

Hometown: Atlanta, GA, USA

Major/minor, Focus: BBA, Marketing & Strategy with Minor(s) in Entrepreneurial Studies and Sustainability

Previous Work Experience: I interned at Anheuser-Busch this past summer as a Global Management Trainee. My project focused on managing the Budweiser brand and improving internal stakeholder relationships on a high overview level.

Desired Industry/Function: I intend on pursuing a marketing focused career, but am still very unclear as to what function I would like to start my career in.

Other Interests/activities: I am working on campus as a Peer Coach for the Ross Career Development Office, a Staff Member at Outdoor Adventures for Rec Sports, and a student facilitator for the IDO program at Ross.


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Monali Desai, BBA ’19

Hometown: Rochester Hills, Michigan, USA

Major/minor, Focus: Business Administration with minors in History and Asian Studies

Previous Work Experience: I interned at Deutsche Bank this past summer in the Global Markets Division. There, I worked in fixed income trading and structuring.

Desired Industry/Function: I plan to pursue a career in sales and trading after graduation.

Other Interests/activities: I am a BA100 Peer Coach, a member of Michigan Interactive Investments, and the president of Hindu Students Council.


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