OFB Alumni

Matt Townsend, MBA ’16


Career Interest: Strategy Consulting

Why Ross: I stand behind the Ross mission of making a positive impact through business, and felt an instant connection with the energy and passion I saw in the student body.

Favorite OFB Moment: I loved seeing the Ross community come together for MBgAy. From the performers to the volunteers and the generous audience members who overwhelmed me with their support for our benefactor, the Trevor Project, it was a fantastically fun and successful evening I will not soon forget!

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Wacey Turner, MBA ’16

Hometown: Ripley, OK

Career Interest: Retail Executive

Why Ross: I chose Ross because I loved how happy and willing everyone was to connect with me as an applicant. I was looking for a program that would be collaborative instead of competitive and where I could be myself. Ross is exactly that.

Favorite OFB Moment: I really enjoyed our trip to the DIA last year.

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Oliver Truong, MBA ’16

Hometown: Lancaster, PA

Career Interest: Brand management or operations for a hotel company

Why Ross: Coming from a non-traditional background, I needed a strong general management program and I found at Ross. Additionally, Ross and Michigan have an energized alumni base that helped me secure an internship in my target industry.

Favorite OFB Moment: National Coming Out Week. Hearing all the ally stories at Ross shows how incredibly inclusive the Ross culture is.

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Aidan Gould, MBA ’16


Career Interest: Product Management (tech)

Why Ross: Ross shares my focus on helping companies be meaningful, positive places to work. Rossers are kind, generous and engaging – especially the ones from OFB!

Favorite OFB Moment: Making the connection with OFB as an applicant, and in particular learning about how they make NCOW and ally engagement successful, was extremely meaningful to me.

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Alden Smith, MBA ’16


Career Interest:

Why Ross:

Favorite OFB Moment:

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Diana Callaghan, MBA ’16

Hometown: Lathrup Village, MI

Career Interest: Entrepreneurship/Social Impact

Why Ross: Ross is top in Entrepreneurship, Social Impact, and its Diversity and Inclusion efforts. I am also focused on the revitalization of Detroit, the Social Venture Fund (impact investing), and all things entrepreneurial in Michigan. Ann Arbor is also the best big small town and the culture that this school brings is unlike any other.

Favorite OFB Moment: GayThanksgiving and MBgAy. Two of my favorite nights to date!

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David Jones, MBA ’16

Hometown: Henderson, NC

Career Interest: Human Resources Management

Why Ross: With a less than conventional background (education and culinary arts), I was looking for a strong, well respected program with a far reaching and responsive alumni base. Ross meets these needs with flying colors and boasts a kind, collaborative, and inclusive community that is difficult to find.

Favorite OFB Moment: Without a doubt, filming the trailer for MBgAy to be featured during Follies. Hilarity, creativity, and fashion!

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Will Solomon, MBA ’16


Will Solomon, a first year MBA, comes to Ross after spending the last four years in Beijing, China, where he counseled small to medium-sized American enterprises on effective market entry strategies. Prior to that, Will held positions with the American Chamber of Commerce in Beijing as well as with a market research firm in Nashville, TN upon graduation from Vanderbilt University.

Will interned in internal Human Resources with The Boston Consulting Group this summer. He is a member of the Human Capital Club, Wolverine Wine Club, and Out For Business. He was also selected as a research fellow for the Center for Positive Organizations. Will attended an MTrek to Finland, Estonia and Latvia and planned one for the incoming class of 2017 to Peru!

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Josh Hudson, MBA ’15

Hometown: Phoenix, AZ

Career Ambition: General Management

Why Ross: From my previous experience I understood that very little was ever done by one person so when deciding where to go to business school I was looking for a program whose students were willing to pay it forward. Now that I’m entering my second year I can personally say that I’ve benefitted from the support of the student body and am excited to help those who are new to Ross.

Favorite OFB Moment: MBgAy rehearsals – watching the broader Ross community come together to support the organization and charity was unbelievable. Students threw caution to the wind to showcase their dancing and singing talents (lack of?) to celebrate the broader LGBTQA community.

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Eric Totaro, BBA ’15

Hometown: Dearborn, MI

Career Ambition: Management Consulting

Why Ross: I chose Ross because of the combination of an excellent business education and access to the greater Michigan community. As an undergrad, I appreciate the option to take classes in other schools and make my Ross experience what I want it to be. Also, the diversity of Michigan is amazing; anyone can find a group of people who share similar interests/ambitions.

Favorite OFB Moment: National Coming Out Week. It’s inspiring to see the school come together in support of equality and acceptance.

Alex Munns, MBA ’15

Hometown: Chicago, IL

Career Ambitions: Commercial leader for a portfolio of innovative, life-extending medical products

Why Ross: Leadership development, world-class medical and research programs, and close-knit community

Favorite OFB Moment: Either 1) Dancing a choreographed dance to Britney Spears and Ke$ha while in drag with a dozen of my sectionmates at MBgAy last year or 2) Working the booth for NCOW and witnessing >400 students and faculty sign up to support the LGBTQ community at Michigan.

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Josh Golub, MBA ’15

Hometown: New York, NY

Career Ambition: Consulting

Why Ross: I picked Ross because for such a highly ranked school they showed a truly open atmosphere as well as a truly dedicated alumni network – and an awesome football team. Go Blue!

Favorite OFB Moment: The Friend Challenge because it showed how accepting Ross is.

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Michael Vincent Co, BBA/BA ’15

Hometown: Quezon City, Philippines

Career Ambition: Corporate Finance / Commercial Insurance

Why Ross: Being in Ann Arbor, in general, is a great experience. Ross, together with the whole campus, is very liberal and extremely welcoming. As an undergrad, I find Ross to be a great place to meet people from all over the world, network with professionals from top organizations, and explore fields I’ve never even consider.

Favorite OFB Moment: Hiking with OFB Members last Fall. It was a great opportunity to get out of Ann Arbor and take a break from school. We did a short hike and a barbecue, which was a really nice way to get to meet the new members and catch up with the rest.

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Shannon Weiner, MBA ’15

Hometown: Cleveland, OH

Career Interest: Marketing Research / Consumer Insights

Why Ross: I was drawn to Ross for the collaborative, not competitive community. I was amazed by the students willingness to assist one another for everything from recruiting to class work. I desired to be part of an expansive and influential alumni network and something much larger than myself.

Favorite OFB Moment: MBgAy 2014. It was a typical snowy, slushy Ann Arbor winter day. A majority of the MBA students showed up despite the treacherous weather as performers or spectators to support the LGBTQ community. Laughter and hilarity ensued throughout the entire show!

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Olga Egorova, MBA ’13

Hometown: Moscow, Russia

Career Ambition: Investment Management

Ann Arbor is such a charming place to be. It’s very friendly and open! There’s always something to explore here, people, places, events. Ross has a very diverse environment – one can always find people with similar interests and the University also has great resources.

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Raelyn Jacobson, MBA ’13

Hometown: Palo Alto, CA

Career Ambition: Strategy Consulting

About Ross: Aside from the people, one of my favorite things about Ross is the interaction with Ann Arbor. The campus is extremely liberal and welcoming to people of all backgrounds, there is a phenomenal local food movement, and there are endless activities ranging from apple picking and football games to intramural sports, bar crawls, and a music scene that rivals any big city. As a Californian, I am constantly awed by the bright fall colors and the snow and ice sports in winter.

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Kevin Wong, MBA ’13

Hometown: Minneapolis, Minnesota

Career Ambition: Retail and Luxury Goods

The atmosphere at Ross is very welcoming to LGBT students.  I’ve never felt out of place at Ross, whether it be inside or outside the classrooms.  The collaborative culture permeates through all aspects of life at Ross, creating one of the most welcoming environments to learn, socialize, and network.

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Camille Johnson, MD/MBA ’12

Hometown: Houston, TX

Career Ambition: Increase healthcare quality and access

About Ross: I love how people are warm and open. No matter the differences in backgrounds or perspectives, there’s the underlying sense that everyone is welcome.

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Jesse Lazar, MBA ’12

Hometown: Philadelphia, PA

About Ross: Diversity is a huge strength at Ross — people come from different backgrounds, careers and points of view, and they plan to head in very different directions after school. This creates an attitude of openness, curiosity and collaboration that animates everything we do here, as individuals, as an LGBT student group, and as a whole Ross community.

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Cindy Lin, MBA ’12

Hometown: Berkeley Heights, NJ

Career Ambition: Director of marketing for a small-medium sized company.

About Ross: I’m continuously surprised by the student body’s commitment to diversity and openness. The class is comprised of individuals whose aspirations range from non-profit work to investment banking. Differences are embraced and membership in the LGBT community is no exception.

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Jonathan Sabatini, MBA ’12

Hometown: Boston, MA

Career Ambition: Management Consulting

About Ross: Ross and the University of Michigan, are incredibly welcoming and diverse for LGBT students. The University opened the first dedicated LGBT resource – The Spectrum Center – 40 years ago, and continues to roll out innovative programming. The large LGBT population at the University, in Ann Arbor, and in Metro Detroit, ensure that there are limitless opportunities for socializing, networking, and exploring.

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Jesse Sullivan, MBA ’12

Hometown: Dallas, TX

Career Ambition: Human Capital & Strategic HR

About Ross: As I was visiting MBA programs, the open, collaborative culture at Ross stood out immediately. Ross students are competitive and ambitious, but also helpful, supportive and self-aware. The attitude toward GLBT members of the Ross community has never been anything but welcoming and acknowledging.

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