Admissions FAQ

The following represent questions commonly asked by prospective students.  Don’t see your question here?  Contact us.

Q. As an LGBTQ+ student, why should I choose Ross?

A. Of course you know that Ross is a top business school with a talented and diverse student community.  But did you know that…

The Advocate ranked Ann Arbor as one of the “Gayest Cities in America” and the University of Michigan as a “Best of the Best Top 20” campus for LGBTQ+ students.

The Ross Admissions office is actively engaged with OFB at Ross in an ongoing effort to communicate the benefits of having a well-represented LGBTQ+ community on campus.

Current and former members rank OFB at Ross among the most rewarding parts of their MBA experience.

OFB at Ross is just one of many LGBTQ+ student associations at University of Michigan. The University’s Spectrum Center maintains a list of other LGBTQ+ student organizations on campus.

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Q. Should I be out in my application to Ross?

A. Ross is committed to bringing together a diverse set of students. Therefore, the Admissions Committee reviews all applications holistically. Accordingly, on the first page of our application there is a check box that asks “Do you identify yourself as a lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender person?” If you feel that being lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender is relevant to your application, feel free to answer the question and expand in other areas of the application as you see fit (e.g. extracurricular activities, essays).

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Q. What’s it really like to be gay in the Midwest?

A. Within and beyond Ann Arbor, the atmosphere for LGBTQ+ residents is generally quite accepting. In fact, OFB at Ross has even encouraged members to explore the LGBTQ+ community by hosting “field trips” to gay and lesbian bars in Ann Arbor and nearby cities.

As anywhere, there are certainly pockets of vocal anti-LGBTQ+ sentiment in Michigan and the Midwest generally, but it has little impact on our daily lives and does not generally manifest in our interactions with our neighbors.

Want more information? Our members come to Michigan from across the country and around the world, and they would be happy to tell you about their experiences at Ross.  Contact us if you would like to speak with a member of OFB at Ross.

If you are interested in learning more about the Michigan LGBTQ+ rights movement, check out PrideSource.

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Q. How does OFB at Ross support the career goals of its members?

A. OFB at Ross offers many opportunities for its members to connect with potential employers that are committed to diversity. The club supports members through on-campus corporate and nonprofit presentations, connections to recruiters, and regular announcements about upcoming opportunities for LGBTQ+ students. Each fall, a group of OFB members attends the Reaching Out MBA conference, where we connect with hundreds of employers and thousands of other LGBTQ+ business students from across the country.

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Q. What can my partner expect if he/she accompanies me to Ann Arbor?

A. Many OFB members live with a partner in Ann Arbor (some even have partners who are fellow Ross students). Partners enjoy support from not only OFB, but also the Ross School as a whole. OFB invites partners to take part in all its social gatherings, and the Partners’ Club at Ross offers regular activities for all partners of Ross students.  At present, several partners of OFB members participate in the Partners’ Club and from all reports they find the club not only inclusive, but quite enjoyable as well.

Our members can attest to the welcoming atmosphere for partners in the Ross community and would be happy to tell you about their experiences.  Contact us if you would like to speak to an member of OFB at Ross who has a partner in Ann Arbor.

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Q. What is the nature of the social scene in Ann Arbor?

A.  Ann Arbor is home to a lively downtown area with great restaurants, bars, and clubs.  There are many LGBTQ+-focused businesses including Common Language BookstoreAut Bar, and local dance club Necto (which hosts a weekly Pride Night).  Many other Ann Arbor businesses are also vocally LGBTQ+ -friendly.

Just a short drive from Ann Arbor, many venues in Southeast Michigan also offer social diversions. Some of these include Pronto restaurant and bar in Royal Oak, the large dance club Backstreet and Gigi’s in Detroit, among several others.

Out for Business also helps members connect with LGBTQ+ students at other UMich graduate schools through regular joint social events with organizations such as the OutLaws (UMich Law School).

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