Future Members

Welcome prospective students!  We’re glad you’re considering the Ross School of Business in your BBA/MBA search.

Online Resources

Browse our website to get a feel for what OFB at Ross is all about:

Member profiles: Check out profiles of selected members.  Find out who we are, where we’ve been, where we’re going, and more importantly, why we chose Ross!

Club activities: What do OFB’ers do on campus?  Visit our club activities page to find out.

Corporate partners: Visit our partnerships page to get a sense of the caliber of companies that specifically target OFB at Ross members.

FAQs: Can’t find what you’re looking for?  Check out or FAQ page, or contact us.

Campus Visits

Looking to get a better feel for life at Ross? The best way to really understand what our campus culture is like is to pay a visit to Ann Arbor.  We highly recommend making the trip, and if you do come, we want to meet you!  Contact our admissions representatives to schedule a meeting.

Can’t make it to Ann Arbor? It’s okay, we still love you.  Contact us to schedule a conversation via phone or skype.