National Coming Out Week

Get ready! National Coming Out Week starts tomorrow, and as promised, we have plenty of awesome and exciting activities planned for you! This year we’ll have our first National Coming Out Week (NCOW) Ally Pledge Competition, so make sure you check out the schedule of events below and details on how to participate.

National Coming Out Week (NCOW) Ally Pledge Competition

What is the competition about? We are lucky to be part of an unbelievably welcoming community that embraces and values diversity. Let’s share that pride and support by pledging to be an Ally, sporting your wristband for the week, and having your picture taken for the OFB website.

Who is competing? We have broken the class up into Sections & Years based on the program. The MBAs will compete across both years with their Section (i.e. all MBA Section 1 competes as one team) and the BBAs will compete by Year (i.e. all BBA Juniors compete as one team).

How do I earn points? Points will be awarded per person for participation in the week’s activities as follows: 1 Point for Ally Pledge/Photo and 5 Points for attending a workshop/panel (choose from the lunch-time LGBTQ101/Ally Training Workshop or the Spectrum Center Out at Work Panel).

When is the prize and when will the winner be announced?  The Section/Year with the highest number of points by the end of the week will receive the inaugural NCOW Ally Champions Trophy, as well as a pizza party. The winner will be announced at the Skeeps Happy Hour on Thursday evening.

Winter Garden Tabling/Step & Repeat Photo Booth (1 Point)

Monday – Thursday: 11:30 am to 1:30 pm @ Winter Garden/Blau Lobby:Come meet & chat with our club members, sign our Ally pledge sheet, and pick up your free OFB/Ally buttons and wristbands!  Then head over to the Step & Repeat and get ready to strike a pose. We’ll have plenty of props that you and your friends can use to create fun and creative pictures that show off the inclusive and diverse Ross spirit.

LGBTQ 101 & Ally Training Workshops (5 Points)

Tuesday (10/8): 1:00 pm to 2:00 pm @ R1220 OR Wednesday (10/9): 12:00 pm to 1:00 pm @ R2210: This year we have partnered with the Spectrum Center to provide short and interactive LGBTQ 101/Ally Training workshops. Learn about basic terminology, issues and challenges about coming out in the work place, and what it means to be an ally. Lunch will be provided.  Please RSVP (Tuesday ORWednesday) to reserve your spot.

Spectrum Center Panel: Out at Work (5 Points)

Wednesday (10/9): 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm @ School of Social Work: The Spectrum Center and School of Social Work have organized a panel discussion about gender identity/expression and being out in the professional world. Resources and information will also be provided about employment laws and rights in the state of Michigan. Refreshments will be provided. RSVP here to get credit for your participation.

Happy Hour at Skeeps (RSA Co-sponsored)

Thursday (10/10): 7:30 pm @ SkeepsCelebrate the end of National Coming Out Week (and the term!) with this special happy hour co-hosted by OFB and RSA. The first 100 allies wearing their wristbands will receive a complementary special shot, and the NCOW Ally Champions will be announced.

MBA Ally Challenge Baseline Survey

If you have not already done so already, today’s the last day to fill out the Ally Challenge Baseline Survey.  Complete it to be included in a draw to win a $50 Amazon gift certificate. Click here to see how Ross is doing relative to the other schools.

Look forward to seeing everyone next week!


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